Ronald A. Westerhuis


Ronald Westerhuis was born in 1971 in Zwolle, the Netherlands. As a young man, he travelled around the world and when he returned to the Netherlands years later he trained to become a welder and worked for several years on an oil platform at sea.

In the first decade of the 21st century, however, he decided to become an artist. He was inspired by a fascination with stainless steel structures and their reflections of the surrounding water. He discovered the autonomous expressive power of the material and decided to quit his job as a welder and begin working as a sculptor.

His work is characterized by an abstract, more or less geometric imagery of tubes, spheres and bowl shapes. These are made of stainless steel that he either smoothes or provides with a matt, hammered surface. The sculptures can be modest in size, but not infrequently they are monumental sculptures that can dominate the public space or the landscape.

Although Ronald Westerhuis is responsible for the design of his images, he works with a team of young people who assist him in the execution of these large works.This teamwork is currently taking place in two locations: in addition to his home base in Zwolle, where the artist has a huge workshop, he also works in Shanghai. The Chinese cultural world embraced him when he introduced his design for the Olympic flame there at the beginning of his artistic career. Since then he has realized enormous assignments in public spaces and landscapes in China.

In the Netherlands, Westerhuis is well known for his design for the monument to the victims and relatives of the MH17 air disaster in 2014, which was unveiled at Schiphol airport in June 2017. His work can now be found in various national and international collections.