Reinier Berendsen


Reinier Berendsen was born in 1973 and lives and works in Tilburg. He attended the art academy Sint Joost in Breda and the Academy for Visual Education in Tilburg, graduating in 1997.

Berendsen mainly paints seemingly photorealistic urban images for which he chooses surprising image framing. Initially, the human figure appeared in his works, but it is now rarely included. What people have left behind as silent witnesses in the city fragment is enough for him to indicate a human presence. His own signature is a small brown travel suitcase that can be seen in often hidden places in his paintings.

Berendsen comes to his compositions by making photographs of a city he travelled to. The artist chooses a specific photo image based on a distinct, often bright light that determines the atmosphere of a scene. These photographs serve as inspiration for his paintings.
He pays a lot of attention to good artisanal construction of the canvas and leaves nothing to chance, technically or compositionally. To emphasize this artisanal aspect, he calls himself a painter rather than an artist.

Despite the fact that his work could be called photographic realism, Berendsen does not consider himself a realist. He characterizes his works as impressions of reality, in which the light is a determining factor. That is why he prefers to call himself an impressionist. As with the impressionists, atmosphere, image framing and light are the most important aspects of the painting. The perceived realism in his work is an illusion.