Oleg Dou


Oleg Dou lives and works in Moscow where he was born in 1983. His mother is an artist, and he knew at a very young age that he also wanted to become an artist.

At the age of 13 he discovered the possibilities Photoshop can offer and started experimenting with digital photography by manipulating existing photographs of himself and others. He continued to develop this method and discovered the possibilities of digital photography, which he learned to use with increasing sophistication. Although the camera is his most important artistic instrument, he does not consider himself a photographer but an artist who uses the camera as a means.

An important step in Dou’s artistic development began with his fascination with the classic face and pale skin of a friend who became an important model for his works. He processes the photographs he makes of her in such a way that she becomes a being balanced on the very edge between life-like on the one hand and alien on the other. He changes the colour of her skin and the lines in her face according to the theme of the work. He also adds structures and objects to her appearance, both using the computer and manually, which gives the work a surreal character.

Identity is an important theme in Oleg Dou’s work. With his manipulations of the human face, he investigates the tension between the internal and the social appearance of an individual, which can be used to cover what we want to conceal.

Oleg Dou has already won several international awards and his work has been included in prominent public and private collections.