Reinoud van Vught


Reinoud van Vught was born in 1960 in Goirle, Brabant. From 1979 to 1985 he studied Monumental Painting at the Sint Joost Academy for Visual Arts in Breda. In 1994-1995 he was artist-in-residence at Museum De Pont in Tilburg.

Reinoud van Vught’s artistic attitude is centred on the craft of painting pur sang. He cares as deeply about the process of using the various painting materials and techniques and the underlying material he chooses to work on as he does about the ultimate result. The outcome, which depends on chance as well as on the painter’s resolute intervention, is never a foregone conclusion. For example, the results of the drying process of certain areas of paint and their interaction with other colours and materials in the painting may greatly contribute to the following steps towards the completion of the work. He is guided by nature as the core concept of germination, growth and death, and the line between abstract and figurative ceases to exist in the process. The shapes in his oeuvre are often reminiscent of floral or plant motifs, but essentially they go beyond this classification.

Reinoud van Vught is fascinated by nature’s organic processes and considers painting to be their equivalent. In addition, themes such as life and death, based on a spiritual and even a sort of religious perception are implied in his work.

Also important for Van Vught are the dialogue and discourse with other artists whom the painter considers to be kindred souls in the artistic concept. Immediately after his days at the academy, he met and became associated with the artist Marc Mulders. In 1992 the opening of the museum for contemporary art, Museum de Pont, boosted artistic life in Tilburg, where the artists had their studios. It became the foundation of what has been called the Tilburg School since 1997, with Van Vught and Mulders at the core. The name has come to represent a casual alliance of artists in and around Tilburg who share a love of traditional artisanal techniques and an orientation towards the process itself in the creative process. They also feel an affinity with regard to their orientation on themes such as growth and mortality in connection with nature and religion. Paul van Dongen, Guido Geelen and Ronald Zuurmond also used to belong to the Tilburg School.