Marc Lagrange


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The Antwerp photographer Mark Lagrange was born in 1957 in Kinshasa (Congo) and died while on holiday on Tenerife in 2015 after a fatal accident. Initially he pursued a technical education as an engineer, but his great love for photography, which he had cherished since childhood, slowly began to take precedence. As an autodidactic photographer, he knows how to impress with his work. Especially striking is the extraordinary perfection of the execution and composition with which he manages to capture his subjects. He transitioned from technical engineering to professional photography and began earning money with fashion photography.

In 2006 he was noticed by the director of the museum in Antwerp, and after an exhibition in this photo museum he switched to autonomous photography.

Marc Lagrange explicitly prefers analogue to digital photography; his love for craft is the basis for this. In his own words, he achieves intimacy and emotion better with the perfect light control of traditional photography than through digital manipulations that generate artificial effects.

Lagrange mainly photographs naked or sensually dressed women, whom he places in an extremely carefully staged environment. For this he selects characteristic locations, often with an exotic and decadent atmosphere, giving the photos a sensual and surreal look. Lighting, decoration and props are adapted and carefully selected; Lagrange leaves little to chance. His models are women with a strong and unique appearance with whom he has worked for many years. They know the atmosphere he is trying to achieve, so the photos can also exude a certain spontaneity because his models feel free to show themselves and can easily move within the configuration of the scene. In this sense, Lagrange does leave matters to chance.

In addition to his fascination for the strong and sensual woman, in his works he also shows great interest in the world of classical sculpture. Several series have been made in Pietrasanta, the Tuscan site where marble has been mined for sculptures both contemporary and ancient. In addition, he has both a penchant for the decadent atmosphere of Fellini and for the American cool and tragic reality of Edward Hopper. Besides, the American photographer Helmut Newton has inspired him.

Marc Lagrange is internationally appreciated and has had exhibitions all over the world.