PRIMEUR // Gam Klutier

Thursday, October 20, 2022 — Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sunday 23 October

Gam Klutier (1947, NL) has been working and living in Lima, Peru since 1981, where he is well known. His work has been included in many private collections and several museums. For years, he travelled between Lima and New York, but his current work is strongly influenced by the habitat and nature of Peru. Klutier has developed over the years, a very personal visual language that is visible in his paintings and sculptures. An imaginary micro-macro alike world of plant figures, animal figures, humanoids and hybrid creatures roam weightlessly across often very large canvases. Some figures are large and sturdy, others are small and jumbled. Klutier works in a limited color palette, using only black and white, yellow, blue, silver and gold. A pattern of lines and shapes swirls across the canvas in a dynamic, layered image. The versatile work seems to flow intuitively and effortlessly from his hands. Klutier believes that inner awareness is the key to life and from that perspective he also makes his work. ‘The act of painting is irrational to me, it’s like entering an intuitive field where I can directly respond to an inner calling which takes over and initiates the painting process’.