Interior Motive(s) by Gijs van Lith, Pedro Matos, Peter Mohall & Fabian Treiber

Sunday, September 23, 2018 — Sunday, November 18, 2018

MPV Gallery is pleased to host the group show INTERIOR MOTIVE(s). This exhibition is a selection of 4 international artists from Germany, Sweden, Portugal and The Netherlands.

INTERIOR MOTIVE(s) explores the commonalities between these artists; the energy, the drive and motive to create work. Challenging the materiality, perception and the work-process is the connecting theme at first glance. But beneath the surface and beyond the empirical evidence a deeper truth lies hidden. The exhibition is an oscillation where modernistic and post-modernistic principles play a sort of ‘push and pull’ in each work and between the works of art. This exhibition finds a balance between naive and knowingness, and emphasizes on the value of earnestness.

Curated by Gijs van Lith

You are welcome to join us on Sunday September 23 at 3pm for the opening of the exhibition.