Art Rotterdam 2020

Thursday, February 06, 2020 — Sunday, February 09, 2020

Art Rotterdam is the contemporary art fair in the inspiring city of Rotterdam. Art Rotterdam is all about a strong market place where visitors experience, discover and acquire new works in the outstanding UNECO-protected building of the Van Nellefabriek. Last edition attracted a record number of visitors with more than 28,000 local and international art lovers and professionals. The new, more condensed design of the exhibition has received many enthusiastic reactions from participants, visitors and the press.



MPV Gallery will present the following artists at Art Rotterdam 2020:

Daan Gielis (1988, BE)

Gijs van Lith (1984, NL)

Mike Ballard (1972, UK)



The work of Daan Gielis is marked by contradictions. On one side he operates an institutional critique that deals with systems, its way of working and how they interrelate. On the other side he is highly aware of his own position within the same processes he criticizes, a position which he takes as a starting point for his work.


Gijs van Lith explores the materiality of painting by testing it’s physical limits. His work is all about the creation, the joy of and the actu­al process of painting. Van Lith adopts a sculptural approach to his work and presentation, to test the limits of the medium further and to give him more freedom in creative process. He works on both sides of the canvas. This can be read as embodiment of his constant push-and-pull-dialogue with the material and the body; inward and outward, add and remove, create and destroy. He considers his work ‘always in progress’.


Mike Ballard’s work reflects on the decay of city structures and creates new compositions with the architectural language of the city. He uses the visual language of structuralism and minimalism by using found material like signage and sheets and plates of wood used in construction sites. His works riff on the territorial gestures that form the boundaries between public and private property. More recently Ballard started experimenting with industrial paints and photocopy toner, exploring the patterned residue left on the fabric of the city once stickers and other illicit advertising and ephemera has been removed. Ballard thus continues to explore the excess and surplus that the urban landscape generates, the beautiful accidents that it admits.