Nick Ervinck


Nick Ervinck was born in 1981 in Roeselare (Belgium) and lives and works in nearby Lichtervelde. Ervinck plays with all aspects of the creative process that are available to a 21st- century sculptor. 

Initially, Ervinck chose to attend the academy in Bruges where he worked on abstract sculpture. However, he was increasingly pushing the boundaries of all aspects of the artistic process. By transferring to the 3D-multimedia and then to the Mixed Media department at the Ghent art academy, he gained access to the latest technologies. Using the computer as a virtual sketchbook, he is able to let his imagination soar. Virtual and physical realities meet: Ervinck first creates his works virtually and then executes them using the 3D printer. Ervinck is also interested in the cross-pollination of sculpture and architecture and the design of space.

In his work he mainly opts for organic and biomorphic forms. Sculptors such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth are sources of inspiration. Ervinck also admires the work of Greg Lynn, who introduced the so-called Blob architecture, and the fluid forms in the building designs of Zaha Hadid.
He also addresses the relationship with biology and microbiology in his work. He equates the growth patterns of organisms to the artistic interaction between imagination and the mechanism of the creation process. At the same time, he experiences the tension between the smooth impersonal quality of technological forms and the structures of the raw materials of the earth’s crust or globs of paint.

The sculptor also aims to combine the archaeological and art-historical past with the present; in many of his works there are reminders of ancient images.
The ultimate concept of Ervinck’s artistry is the creation of a total experience: Ultimately I dream that I will create my own space for visitors to enter.