Water Wall by Danielle Kwaaitaal

Saturday, December 05, 2020 — Sunday, January 31, 2021

The exhibition ‘Water Wall’ by artist Danielle Kwaaitaal (1964, NL) presents work from different periods in the artist’s career, starting from 2009 up to now. The selection includes work from the Whispering Waters, Apres nous le Deluge, Florilegium and Ultraviolet series.

Danielle Kwaaitaal approaches classical themes in a contemporary way. The works on display are all photographed underwater and show a clear relationship between photography and painting. Kwaaitaal’s love for painting is expressed in the aesthetics and composition of her image.

The exhibition features work from the most recent underwater series ULTRAVIOLET (2020). Kwaaitaal goes in a completely new artistic direction in this new underwater series. Kwaaitaal photographed glass vases and ceramic jars for this series. She focuses primarily on the shapes and contours of the objects, followed by the choice of materials; transparent or solid. We can see subtle shades of light and dark, translucent and opaque. These works are made with a real painter’s eye. With Ultravoilet, Kwaaitaal appears to move further and further away from her initial medium, photography.

Danielle Kwaaitaal’s work is presented in various international exhibitions and is part of several collections of museums and companies in The Netherlands and abroad.