Sunday, December 11, 2022 — Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sunday, December 11
3 – 5 pm
MPV Gallery
In the presence of the artist

On Sunday, December 11, the solo exhibition ‘Unfolding Density’ by Lita Cabellut will open at MPV Gallery.

We are pleased to have the privilege of presenting the latest new series of work ‘Unfolding Density’ executed in black and white at our gallery.

In her recent work, Cabellut is concerned with contradictions and the power of art to break down these contradictions. For example, she considers the division between abstract and figurative to be a completely arbitrary classification that limits the view of art. The same goes for the opposition between black and white, which Cabellut believes does not exist. This is what Cabellut wants to demonstrate in her new series “Unfolding Density. The works in this series appear to be done in black and white, but if we look more closely at the works, it seems as if the color is trying to escape the black and white.

The name “Unfolding Density” refers to the force – or counter-force – that occurs from the meeting of matter and energy that takes place during the artist’s forming of the work. Cabellut describes her work process as a constant process of impact and unfolding. Only a fraction of this is visible to the viewer as the end result; A stilled canvas equipped with fascinating portraits that can only be perceived by the viewer in fragments.

The exhibition opens on December 11 from 3 to 5 at MPV Gallery in Oisterwijk and can be visited until January 22, 2023.