The Eternal & The Transient // Peter Bol

Sunday, November 05, 2023 — Sunday, December 03, 2023

A painter who still looks at the world with “innocent eyes.” One who paints from a genuine happiness in life. And does not seem to be overcome by the existential doubt of our time. That is Peter Bol (1947, NL). Son of the famous painter Kees Bol, he is taken to painting outdoors from an early age. While Kees practices rendering landscapes, little Peter learns the art of loafing. A serious way of daydreaming. Playfully, the environment is viewed for a long time and attentively. Thus he sees coming over nature the strange light of a paradise forgotten by the big people. The world of quiet delight that exists outside of time.

Later, as an adult painter, after years of struggle to find his own way in painting, Peter Bol will search for this forgotten paradise. Where not opposites are seen, where beauty is. Without having to heed all that is ugly. For an experience of the unity of things, as the most natural order. This is how you end up alone as a painter. For the loner that Peter Bol has become, the pleasure of painting lies in deepening this same painting. The pleasure of seeing things with the eye and correcting them in the mind as soon as he paints them. Then things are seen as taken away from the moment. To become part of an eternity that frees them from any coincidence.