Brother From Another Mother

Saturday, January 13, 2018 — Monday, June 18, 2018

MPV Gallery proudly presents the group exhibition “Brother from another Mother”, curated by Majke Hüsstege Projects.

With this exhibition ‘the brothers’, a group of international artists, juxtapose and find each other in their a visual language. At first sight, each of these individual artists might look different. What started as a relationship based on personal merits, soon transcended, creating a free space for contrast and commonalities. Recurring themes are decay, time, materiality and their relation with the world outside the art world.

Gerben Mulder’s works are mirrors of the human psyche, where existential doubt, self-destruction and the decay morality subconsciously surface. Stephan Shanabrook’s work creates a tension field where painful beauty and horrible happiness collide and interact. Bram Braam’s work reflects on the decay of the city structures and creates new compositions with the architectural language of the city and visual language of structuralism, and minimalism. Gijs van Lith explores the materiality of painting by challenging it’s physical limits. The expression of color, destruction and creation are recurring themes in his work.

“Brother from another Mother” by Majke Hüsstege Projects presents Gijs van Lith (Den Bosch), Bram Braam (Berlin), Stephen J. Shanabrook (New York) and Gerben Mulder (New York).

13/01/2018 – 18/06/2018

MPV Gallery, Knokke ‘The Basement ‘