Wednesday, February 08, 2023 — Sunday, February 12, 2023

MPV Gallery will present the following artists at Art Rotterdam from February 9 until 12:

Gerold Miller
Gijs van Lith
Marieke Bolhuis

February 8, VIP Preview

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Gerold Miller (born 1961, Altshausen, Germany) is an established contemporary minimalist and abstract artist living and working in Berlin. Miller moves at the intersection of sculpture, painting and installation, exploring the relationship between frame, artwork and environment. We present works from Miller’s infamous vision and set series that stem from a minimalist principle of a precise and radically reduced composition of superimposed areas of color. The artist employs a highly refined layering through gradients, matte and glossy paint, as well as various monochromatic hues. The viewer and his immediate environment are reflected in the lacquered stainless steel, becoming an integral part of the composition itself; defying the preconception of art as an inanimate object.

Gijs van Lith (born 1984, Eindhoven, Netherlands) creates work in which not the final result, but the process of creation is central. The choice of painting materials and the working method play an important role. Van Lith paints layer after layer, but sometimes scratches and scrapes ‘to the bone’. Craters and burrows, accumulations and holes are therefore no exceptions in his canvases. In Gijs van Lith’s latest series of paintings he examines the movement of his hand or arm, where it is not a matter of marking, but in which his state of mind is reflected. He is concerned with a pure state of mind, full of naiveté, hesitation, openness and wonderful discoveries.

The installations of Marieke Bolhuis (1962, NL) often consist of groups of sculptures. Bolhuis works more from a feeling than an idea. It matures in her head until the need to get to work becomes too strong. Her working method is investigative, discovering, out of curiosity. It is an all making way of thinking that determines the form. This working process of constant searching and intuitive choices can be read from the sculptures, giving them a history and enormous stratification. This is more important to her than a final result. Her images show great social commitment; the traces of human behavior on the earth such as environmental pollution and global warming, or psychological portraits of powerlessness and desire.